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We do our best to compile articles that appear in newspapers and magazines about transportation and growth issues in the Treasure Valley. The Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Press Tribune are the largest newspapers in the area and explore growth issues quite regularly.

2008 Articles

Idaho Press-Tribune, December 31, 2008
What other newspapers are saying: January 1.

Idaho Statesman, December 29, 2008
Treasure Valley has chance to be air quality leader.

Idaho Statesman, December 26, 2008
5-year traffic study shows where bicycles and cars collide in Ada County.

Idaho Business Review, December 22, 2008
Transportation funding tops list of Otter's priorities - Construction Review.

Idaho Business Review, December 22, 2008
Chambers lay out key issues for lawmakers.

Idaho Statesman, December 21, 2008
Highway funding OK for now.

Idaho Press-Tribune, December 19, 2008
Business leaders to lawmakers: Consolidate highway districts.

Idaho Press-Tribune, December 18, 2008
Locals: Taxes, roads key.

Idaho Statesman, December 17, 2008
Simpson is right: Idaho is missing the train on public transportation.

KBSU National Public Radio, December 17, 2008
Valley Regional Transit - Ridership (MP3)

KBSU National Public Radio, December 15, 2008
COMPASS Board Meeting Update (MP3)

Idaho Statesman, December 12, 2008
Americans driving less even as gas prices drop.

Idaho Statesman, December 11, 2008
Feds' stimulus money: Will Idaho use it or lose it?

Idaho Statesman, December 9, 2008
Expert says the only way to reduce ozone pollution long term is to get us out of cars.

Idaho Statesman, December 9, 2008
Canyon leaders map out plan to improve air, put off emissions tests.

Idaho Business Review, December 8, 2008
Paying for roads: Otter proposes mix of measures to fund transportation needs.

Idaho Business Review, December 8, 2008
ITD digs deep to cut costs amid funding shortfall.

Spokesman Review, December 6, 2008
Raise the gas tax. Bonds inadequate for fixing Idaho's roads.

Times News, December 5, 2008
Lawmakers react to Otter's road proposals.

Idaho Statesman, December 3, 2008
Otter offers specifics on proposal to raise gasoline taxes and vehicle fees.

Idaho Statesman, December 3, 2008
Valley may not exceed ozone limits after all.

Boise Weekly, December 3, 2008
Local Emissions - Battling greehouse gas one surburb at a time.

Idaho Statesman, December 2, 2008
Our View: Spending on public works will fix roads and create jobs.

Eye On Boise, December 2, 2008
Dems: We'll work with Otter on transportation.

Spokesman Review, December 1, 2008
Idaho Trims State Budget.

Idaho Business Review
Futurist offers hard truths to Boise audience.

Idaho Press-Tribune, November 21, 2008
Amtrak study to arrive in year.

Idaho Press-Tribune, November 20, 2008
Nampa approves bus spending.

Idaho Statesman, November 19, 2008
Kuna exercises civic muscle.

Idaho Statesman, November 18, 2008
Our View: Idaho must have a plan for its roads in 2009.

Idaho Business Review
Moyle says compromise still necessary on local option taxation.

Idaho Statesman, November 11, 2008
Ada, N. Idaho Split on Transportation

The Boise Planet
Transportation system isn't just ailing, it's broken, policy experts says.

Idaho Statesman, November 11, 2008
Transportation Conferenece Thursday at Boise State University

Making Connections, Transportation Conference

Idaho Statesman, July 28, 2008
Our View: Surplus won't solve Idaho's highway problems.

Idaho Statesman, July 27, 2008
Phil Batt: Fixing highways requires sacrifices.

Idaho Statesman, July 27, 2008
Our View: How well do you know traffic laws?

Idaho Statesman, July 25, 2008
Our View: ACHD sets up a referendum on roads.

Idaho Statesman, July 24, 2008
Idaho's budget surplus not as big as it looks.

Idaho Statesman, July 23, 2008
House backs $8 billion for highway trust fund.

Idaho Press-Tribune, July 17, 2008
Idaho energy prices soar.

Idaho Statesman, July 15, 2008
Otter kicks off Idaho road show.

Idaho Press-Tribune, July 15, 2008
Our View: Slow economy will hurt Otter's push for road funding.

Idaho Press-Tribune, July 15, 2008
Officials lay out state road needs.

Idaho Statesman, July 8, 2008
Jack Lemley: Amendment is needed to get transportation back on track.

Idaho Statesman, July 7, 2008
Dr. Philip Krueger: It's time for the Treasure Valley to jump aboard the light rail train.

Idaho Press-Tribune, June 19, 2008
Forums address I-84 work.

Idaho Statesman, June 17, 2008
Rachel Winer: Seek smart solutions to cut fuel costs, keep communities vibrant.

Idaho Press-Tribune, June 17, 2008
Idaho governor trying to get support for road improvements.

Idaho Business Review, June 16, 2008
Boise streetcar plan moves forward.

Idaho Statesman, June 12, 2008
Boise gets top marks in Brooking Institution's economic vitality report.

Idaho Statesman, June 10, 2008
Gas prices boost need for better Valley transit.

Idaho Statesman, June 9, 2008
Will Boise hear the clang of a trolley again?

Idaho Statesman, May 20, 2008
Weigh in on Boise transit center.

Idaho Press-Tribune, April 2, 2008
Emisson tests get OK.

Idaho Statesman, March 28, 2008
Efforts break down to resolve two issues that have kept the Legislature in session.

Idaho Press-Tribune, March 28, 2008
Otter, ID House leaders in tiff over roads funding shortfall.

Idaho Statesman, March 27, 2008
Local-option tax amendment faces rocky road on Senate floor.

Idaho Press-Tribune, March 27, 2008
Panel backs road fees.

Idaho Statesman, March 23, 2008
Our View: Constitutional amendment for taxes is ill-conceived.

Idaho Statesman, March 18, 2008
ACHD forms alliance to discuss transportation.

Idaho Press-Tribune, March 12, 2008
Protesters demand local-option tax.

Idaho Statesman, March 2, 2008
Local-option tax supporters may need to go to the people.

Idaho Statesman, March 2, 2008
Kevin Richert: Otter's plan to fix Idaho roads has a few bumps.

Idaho Statesman, February 29, 2008
House counters Otter's road plan.

Idaho Statesman, February 24, 2008
A new approach to Valley growth.

Idaho Press-Tribune, February 20, 2008
Idaho's transportation needs won't wait.

Idaho Press-Tribune, Febvruary 17, 2008
Maintaining all of our roads integral for state's success.

Idaho Press-Tribune, February 4, 2008
Nampa Council approves local optin sales tax resolution.

Idaho Press-Tribune, February 2, 2008
Canyon County mulls highway fee proposal.

Idaho Statesman, January 29, 2008
Developers look to annex 3,400 acres in Kuna.

Idaho Statesman, January 23, 2008
Martin Johncox: Growth of the past 15 years is not conducive for transit.

Idaho Statesman, January 18, 2008
$9.6 million transit hub planned for Downtown Boise.

Idaho Statesman, January 13, 2008
Tom Dale: Governor is on the right path with his plans to upgrade roads and ease congestion.

Idaho Statesman, January 13, 2008
Kirk Sullivan: Governor Otter clearly outlined his vision for our state in terms that all Idahoans can relate to.

Idaho Statesman, January 13, 2008
David Langhorst: Communities should have the power to establish local-option sale tax to fund public transit systems.

Idaho Statesman, January 13, 2008
Dan Popkey: Key lawmakers showing signs they are open to new transit tax options.

Idaho Press-Tribune, January 11, 2008
Idaho has good reasons to implement toll roads.

Boise Weekly, January 9, 2008
Street Style - Who rules Boise's streets when it comes to aesthetics?

Idaho Statesman, January 9, 2008
Local and state leaders join forces on transit.

Idaho Statesman, January 8, 2008
Transit omission concerns local officials.

Idaho Statesman, January 8, 2008
Overall high marks won't pave way for Otter's priorities.

Idaho Statesman, January 6, 2008
Transportation the top priority for Valley legislators.

Idaho Statesman, January 6, 2008
Our View: Idaho lawmakers must find money for new highways and ways to improve air quality.


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