People, Structure, and Committees

Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report: Outreach and Education

Through its outreach and education program, COMPASS strives to share information and educate stakeholders and members of the public on transportation issues, as well as solicit input and encourage participation in COMPASS programs and projects. COMPASS accomplishes this via personal interaction, such as sharing information through presentations and hosting open houses and focus groups; by disseminating written information, such as reports and brochures; and through its online presence, including this web site and social media channels.


  • Completed its first Integrated Communication Plan to coordinate all of COMPASS’ communication and public outreach activities under one guiding document and demonstrate how each of these activities will be used to augment the others.
    • Supports Strategic Plan Objective 1.1, Develop an integrated communication plan
  • Conducted a random household survey in Ada and Canyon Counties to assess the public’s knowledge and opinions regarding COMPASS and its projects and programs. Survey results will be used to improve COMPASS’ communication programs and support future updates of the Integrated Communication Plan.
    • Supports Strategic Plan Objective 1.3, Initiate work to evaluate the effectiveness of the integrated communications plan         
  • Spread the word about the importance of sharing the road to help address safety related goals in CIM 2040 by sponsoring the Boise Police Department’s Look! Save a Life! television campaign.
    • Supports Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Objective 4.2, Implement adopted plans
  • Completed its first annual social media audit and significantly increased its social media presence with the addition of Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr accounts.
    • Supports Strategic Plan Objective 4.2, Implement adopted plans
  • Initiated the Don’t Let the Treasure Valley Fall through the Cracks campaign to raise awareness of the significant transportation funding shortfall identified in CIM 2040. The campaign consisted of radio messages, guest opinion pieces, education series speakers, social media, and more.
    • Supports Strategic Plan Objective 4.2, Implement adopted plans