People, Structure, and Committees

FY2017 Annual Report Cover


From the Desk of the Director:

This past year we completed a process to more clearly define who we are, what we do, and what we value. While I’m pleased with the outcome – COMPASS Organizational Roles and Values – I think the journey to get there was as valuable as the destination. Both our staff and our Board of Directors engaged in vigorous debate as we sought to clearly define and articulate these foundational concepts.

This year’s annual report is organized around our four newly-defined roles – planner, facilitator, expert, and implementer – and highlights our accomplishments within each of those realms.

To support these roles, we made changes to how we are structured. We have divided what had been a large planning department into teams reflecting three of these roles – planner, implementer, and expert. (All of our staff have a hand in the fourth role of facilitator.)

In addition to our roles, our newly articulated values are sprinkled throughout the annual report, highlighting projects that exemplify how our values support our work and vice versa.

The majority of this annual report will discuss project-related accomplishments, but before we move on to that, I’d like to share some of our staff’s accomplishments – collectively and individually – as well as staffing changes.

For the ninth year in a row, COMPASS earned the “Platinum” Level Alternative Transportation Champion Award in the 2017 May in Motion competition. May in Motion is a month-long promotion to encourage the use of transportation alternatives. During this month-long competition, COMPASS staff reduced their single-occupancy vehicle commutes by 1,761 miles, saving 56 gallons of fuel! The platinum level is the highest level achievable in the competition and truly shows that our staff “walks the talk.”

Last fall, our staff held its eighth annual Thanksgiving food drive, benefiting the Meridian Food Bank. This is not a food drive where we collect donations from others – the donations come directly from our staff, as individuals. This past November, our 17-person staff contributed $925 and 313 pounds of food to our less fortunate neighbors.

On a personal level, former COMPASS Associate Planner Tom Laws received the American Trails 2017 Outstanding Trail Leader Award for Idaho for his work in bicycle and pedestrian planning while at COMPASS. The Outstanding Trail Leader Award recognizes individuals who have made compelling and significant contributions to trails and pathways in their home state.

In addition, all of us at COMPASS have been excited to welcome four new staff who have brought fresh perspectives, experiences, and ideas to COMPASS:

  • Marcus Amman – Bicycle and pedestrian counters and planning
  • Rachel Haukkala – Regional Transportation Improvement Program
  • Hunter Mulhall – Data management and GIS
  • Duane Wakan – Public transportation and bicycle and pedestrian planning

We all look forward to what this next year will bring with new staff, new challenges, and new opportunities.

But before we get too far into FY2018, I ask you to take a few minutes to reflect back on what COMPASS accomplished in FY2017. As always, this year’s annual report is designed to provide a brief snapshot of the past year’s accomplishments, with links to current and in-depth information on each topic.




FY2017 Annual Report (PDF)