People, Structure, and Committees

Strategic Plan

The COMPASS strategic plan outlines the agency’s vision, mission, and core values, as well as broad agency goals and specific objectives and tasks to meet those goals. The tasks listed in the strategic plan are used in developing COMPASS’ annual Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The current strategic plan, adopted by the COMPASS Board in December 2013, provides direction for FY2015 – 2017. The plan will be updated on a three-year cycle, with the next update complete by December 31, 2016.

Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho FY2015-2017 Strategic Plan (Approved by the COMPASS Board December 2013)

The FY2015-2017 Strategic Plan defines the COMPASS Vision, Agency Mission, and COMPASS Values.

COMPASS is a forum for regional collaboration that helps maintain a healthy and economically vibrant region, offering people choices in how and where they live, work, play, and travel.

Agency Mission
The mission of COMPASS is to conduct regional planning, facilitate regional coordination and cooperation, and serve as a source of information and expertise on issues affecting southwest Idaho. In its role as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Ada and Canyon Counties, COMPASS fulfills this mission by developing transportation plans and priorities to enable members to access state and federal transportation funds.

Integrity: COMPASS values integrity in that it adheres to a code of behavior to live by and emulate, which includes ethics, honesty, and to principles governing fairness. COMPASS exhibits integrity by sharing information and data, considering all views, discussing pros and cons, working toward consensus, and working within individual and collective capabilities.

Teamwork/Collaboration: COMPASS values teamwork in that a collaborative team has good communication, well-defined roles, and shared authority of work product. COMPASS supports this value throughout many areas of agency work and attempts to create collaborative working groups both internally and externally.

Quality: COMPASS values quality and strives for professionalism, achievement, and competence. This is exhibited through internal and external helpfulness, an organizational review process for written materials, and providing timely information – including sending advance notice of meetings. Staff is knowledgeable and courteous.