Planning and Collaboration

Ongoing Studies

Studies Coordination Map (pdf format)

Name of Study Planning Implementation Status
ACHD Capital Improvements Plan X   Ongoing
Alternatives Analysis for Downtown Boise Circulator System, Phase 1 X   Ongoing
Blueprint for Good Growth X X On hold
Boise State University Master Plan Update X   2015
Capitol Boulevard Concept X   2015
Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 X   Ongoing
Downtown Boise Parks and Public Spaces Plan X   2016
East Columbia Master Plan, City of Boise X   Ongoing
Fairview Avenue Concept Design, Linder Road/ Orchard Street   X On Hold
Five-Year Work Plan (Nampa Highway District) X   Ongoing
Five-Year Strategic Plan (Valley Regional Transit) X X Ongoing
Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (Ada County Highway District)   X Ongoing
Fort Boise/St. Luke's Planning Area X   2015
Kuna-Mora Road Corridor Study - Phase 2, McDermott Road to east of Eagle Road X   On Hold
Meridian Rail with Trail Action Plan X   Future
Nampa Safe Routes to School Program X X Ongoing
Northwest Ada Foothills Transportation Study- Update X X On hold
State Highway 19 Corridor Plan X   2011
State Highway 55 Corridor Plan X   Ongoing
State Street Corridor Study, Right-of-Way and Alignment Study (Phase 2)   X Future
State Street Corridor Implementation Coordination   X Ongoing
Three Cities River Crossing Study   X On hold
US 20/26 Corridor Plan (Caldwell to Nyssa, OR) X   Ongoing
US 20/26 Corridor Preservation Study (Caldwell to Eagle Road)   X Ongoing
US 95 Corridor Plan X   Ongoing
Western Canyon County Arterial Study X   Ongoing

Studies: Planning vs. Implementation

The studies listed are used for a variety of purposes. A planning study is used in a planning document, such as the long-range transportation plan. These studies will not include detailed data from an engineer nor an environmental report. An implementation study is used to confirm an alignment or placement of a project and the engineering and environmental reports needed to build the project. Some studies provide both aspects: planning as well as an implementation schedule. In most of these cases, an implementation study for any specific project is still needed.