Planning and Collaboration

Ongoing Studies

ACHD Capital Improvements Plan
Sponsor: Ada County Highway District
Status: Updated every three years

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is a strategic document indicating projects with an anticipated need in the next 20 years based on traffic demand models and assumptions on growth patterns. While the CIP lists project years and funding estimates, this is largely a planning document and the projects will be further refined as they move onto the Integrated Five-Year Work Plan and undergo greater analysis. The Plan was last updated in 2016.

Alternatives Analysis for Downtown Boise Circulator System
Sponsor: City of Boise
Status: Ongoing

The City of Boise will, in conjunction with its redevelopment agency, the Capital City Development Corporation, will undertake a study to determine the best routes for a circulator system that would connect Boise's downtown core with adjacent neighborhoods. The study will also determine the preferred mode to use, as well as take a closer look at how a circulator could best connect with and move within the Boise State University's campus. The Boise Depot is a natural node for the circulator system, as it is positioned along the primary traffic corridor that leads to downtown Boise. The Boise Depot would also allow the circulator to serve riders of a future planned commuter rail service at the Boise Depot.

Blueprint for Good Growth
Sponsors: COMPASS and Consortium of Ada County government entities
Status: Consortium meets annually

The project involves development of tools and policies to coordinate growth and transportation needs in Ada County. This study will be coordinated with, and complementary to, the update to Communities in Motion, the Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan prepared by COMPASS concurrent with this project. There will be no duplication of services between this project and Communities in Motion. See project web page for updates.