Planning and Collaboration

Ongoing Studies

Five-Year Work Plan (Nampa Highway District)
Sponsor: Nampa Highway District
Status: Completed annually

Nampa Highway District publishes a fiscally constrained Five Year Work Plan, which it updates annually.  The principal types of projects typically listed in the plan are seal coats, overlays, rebuilds, and new construction.  It typically does not show smaller projects, such as ditch cleaning, culvert replacement, sign replacement, crack sealing, or emergent repairs.

Fort Boise/St. Luke's Planning Area
Sponsor: City of Boise
Status: Future

St. Luke's Hospital filed a Master Plan application with the City of Boise. This application may involve changes to the street system, including the closure of Jefferson. The City’s hope is that information gathered can improve the livability of the neighborhoods around St. Luke’s and that many of the improvements can be installed in partnership with St. Luke’s, ACHD, and other major landowners in the area as part of future facility construction. The next step is to gather input from the larger neighborhood around Fort Boise/ St. Luke’s.