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Communities in Motion 2040 2.0

Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Implementation Assistance Grant

In March 2015, COMPASS received a $225,000 implementation assistance grant under the Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) as a “Lead Adopter” in two areas: freight and performance measures. Link to news release.

The work conducted under this grant began in July 2015 and will be complete by the end of 2016. Grant funding will be used to collect freight data to support the increased emphasis on freight in the next update to Communities in Motion, the regional long-range transportation plan, and will be used to enhance COMPASS’ performance-based planning process to better incorporate performance-based planning into project prioritization. View scope of work.


COMPASS will use SHRP2 grant funds to collect more complete freight data than has been compiled in Ada and Canyon Counties in the past. Data will include vehicle classification counts on key corridors, information on air and rail freight, and information on freight as related to pipelines. Agriculture‐related freight data, collected in 2014/2015 prior to receipt of the SHRP2 grant, will complete the regional freight profile.

COMPASS will develop performance measures to quantify the benefits of freight to the region’s economy. COMPASS will also organize and facilitate a Freight Advisory Workgroup to provide feedback on freight data and guide the integration of freight considerations into the regional transportation system and regional long-range transportation plan (Communities in Motion), and the Regional Transportation Improvement Program. These tasks will be initiated as part of the SHPR2 grant, but will continue long after the grant cycle is complete.


  • An ongoing Freight Advisory Workgroup comprised of actively engaged freight stakeholders
  • Data on truck types and volumes on the region’s interstate, highways, and major arterials
  • Sufficient data to enhance the regional travel demand model to estimate and forecast truck trips on the system and develop a set of protocols to share model‐based truck trip tables between the regional and statewide travel demand forecast models
  • A summary of regional freight benefits and costs to include in the next update of Communities in Motion, including a regional freight map and potential trade‐offs to be considered in project prioritization

Progress to date:  

  • COMPASS used SHRP2 grant funds to collect vehicle classification counts at over 70 locations on key corridors. This data collection was completed in November 2015 and will feed into the freight component of CIM 2040 2.0.

Learn more about past and current COMPASS freight projects and studies:

Performance Measures

COMPASS will use SHRP2 funds to quantify and normalize the values of different transportation investments using the eight plan elements of Communities in Motion 2040 (transportation, land use, housing, economic development, open space, health, farmland, and community infrastructure). The end product will be a user‐friendly method to use to prioritize projects for Communities in Motion and the Regional Transportation Improvement Program that allows the user to equally compare the costs and benefits of a project across all eight disparate Communities in Motion elements. COMPASS is also facilitating a Performance Measure Framework Workgroup to provide input to and feedback on the framework development.


  • A transparent, objective, and customizable benefit/cost model
  • A menu of solutions for the future transportation system
  • Collaborative workshops with stakeholders to evaluate trade‐offs and solutions
  • A summary report of benefits and costs of potential future transportation projects in relation to all Communities in Motion elements

Progress to date:

  • COMPASS contracted with the Economic Development Research Group (EDRG) to develop a performance measure framework for localized and customized decision-support. The framework was finalized in January 2017. The final report and user guide can be found here.

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COMPASS is committed to sharing information, data, methodology, and lessons learned throughout the life of the grant, and beyond. To learn more, contact Liisa Itkonen, 208/475-2241.