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Communities in Motion 2040 2.0: Public Transportation

Public transportation – locally comprised of buses and commuter vans – serves an integral role in the overall transportation system. Along with bicycle/pedestrian, freight, and roadways, it is one of four components of the Treasure Valley’s transportation system that will be addressed in Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 (CIM 2040 2.0).

The existing and future public transportation systems are discussed in CIM 2040 (the current long-range transportation plan) in Chapter 5 (existing system) and Chapter 6 (future system). CIM 2040 also includes a list of unfunded transportation priorities, which includes public transportation projects.

A Public Transportation Workgroup has been established to develop and recommend a future public transportation system and phasing of needed improvements in the Treasure Valley. Work will focus on meeting regional public transportation needs in the two counties to improve mobility and access and to maximize transportation investments.

Future Public Transportation System

Network Analysis

The public transportation component of CIM 2040 2.0 will describe transportation needs to the year 2040 and how public transportation will be integrated with the three other transportation components to develop a complete transportation system.

In 2015, COMPASS contracted with Kittelson and Associates to develop a public transportation network analysis of services for the year 2040. COMPASS used this analysis as a basis for developing the future public transportation system.

Final summary report

2040 Treasure Valley Public Transportation System

The COMPASS Public Transportation Workgroup helped develop a vision for the public transportation system needed for 2040, including new high capacity services, additional bus routes, and increased frequencies to meet the needs of a growing population.

Transportation Service Coordination Plan for Ada and Canyon Counties (3D LMMN Plan)

Transportation Services Coordination Plans are developed to maximize existing public transportation services, increase the efficiency of those services, and secure additional funding for these services. Specifically, they fulfill a federal requirement to develop a plan to access applicable Federal Transit Administration funds.

Transportation Service Coordination Plan for Ada and Canyon Counties (3D LMMN Plan) 2014

For more information on public transportation in the Treasure Valley, contact Duane Wakan at 208/475-2237 or