Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder)Agency Data Mart
Ada County Highway DistrictAda County Highway District Commuteride Ridesharing System
Ada County Highway District Commuteride Vehicles
Ada County Highway District Field Equipment
Ada County Highway District Traffic Management Center
Archived Data UsersArchived Data User Systems
Boise AirportBoise Airport Field Equipment
Boise Airport Management Center
Boise Airport Parking Management
Boise Airport Traveler Information System
Boise State UniversityBoise State University Shuttle Buses
Boise State University Traffic Management Centers
Canyon CountyCanyon County District Offices
Canyon County Field Equipment
Capital City Development CorporationCapital City Development Corporation Parking Management
City of BoiseBoise Parking Management
City of CaldwellCaldwell Field Equipment
Caldwell Traffic Signal Lab
City of NampaNampa Field Equipment
Nampa Traffic Signal Shop
Community Planning AssociationTreasure Valley Regional Communications Inventory and Asset Management System
Treasure Valley Regional Transportation Data Archive
County and Municipal Maintenance and ConstructionCounty and Municipal Maintenance and Construction Shops
County and Municipal Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Treasure Valley Regional Maintenance and Construction Event Clearinghouse
County and Municipal Public Safety DepartmentsCounty 911 Centers
County and Municipal Public Safety Dispatch Centers
County and Municipal Public Safety Vehicles
County and Municipal Traveler InformationCounty and Municipal Traveler Information Systems
Financial InstitutionFinancial Institution
Idaho Bureau of Homeland SecurityGowen Field State Emergency Operations Center
Idaho Department of Health and WelfareState EMS Communications Center (StateComm)
Idaho State PoliceIdaho State Police Regional Communications Center South
Idaho State Police Vehicles
Idaho Transportation Department - District 3Idaho Transportation Department District 3 Maintenance Shop
Idaho Transportation Department Field Equipment
Idaho Transportation Department Incident Response Vehicles
Idaho Transportation Department Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Idaho Transportation Department - Division of Transportation PerformanceIdaho - Transportation Reimbursement, Integration, and Performance System
Idaho Transportation Department - HeadquartersIdaho 511/Web Service
Mayday Service ProvidersMayday Service Centers
National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service
Oregon Department of TransportationOregon Department of Transportation Region 5 District Offices
Other Event ManagersOther Event Management
Other Public Transportation ProvidersOther Public Transportation Dispatch Centers
Other Public Transportation Vehicles
Private Transportation ProvidersPrivate Transportation Provider Dispatch Centers
Private Transportation Provider Vehicles
Private UtilitiesPrivate Utilities
Regional Emergency ManagementEmergency Operations Centers
Third-Party Transportation Data ProvidersThird-Party Transportation Data Providers
Third-Party Transportation Information Service ProvidersThird-Party Transportation Information Service Providers
TravelersPersonal Information Devices
Personal Vehicles
Regional Fare Payment Card
Treasure Valley Fare Management AgenciesRegional Fare Payment System
Treasure Valley TransitTreasure Valley Transit Dispatch Center
Treasure Valley Transit Fare Payment System
Treasure Valley Transit Security Systems
Treasure Valley Transit Traveler Information System
Treasure Valley Transit Vehicles
Treasure Valley Transit Management AgenciesGoRide System
Treasure Valley Transportation Management AgenciesTreasure Valley Regional Virtual Transportation Management Center
Valley Regional TransitValley Regional Transit Asset Management System
Valley Regional Transit Bike Share Management System
Valley Regional Transit Dispatch and Call Centers
Valley Regional Transit Fare Payment System
Valley Regional Transit Security Systems
Valley Regional Transit Traveler Information Systems
Valley Regional Transit Vehicles