Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are a description of WHAT the system has to do. In the architecture, functions are defined at several different levels. Each inventory element is mapped to one or more subsystems and terminators from the National ITS Architecture. The general descriptions associated with these entities identify functionality in a very general sense. At the next level of detail, most of the ITS elements have been mapped to one or more "Functional Areas" that provide additional functional detail. At the most detailed level, each functional area includes several specific Functional Requirements that precisely specify the functions to be performed. All three levels of detail are available on this web site. The subsystems and functional areas that are associated with the regional ITS architecture are listed in the table below. Each table entry is a link to more detailed descriptions and functional requirements.

SubsystemFunctional Area
Archived Data ManagementITS Data Repository
Traffic and Roadside Data Archival
Emergency ManagementEmergency Call-Taking
Emergency Dispatch
Emergency Early Warning System
Emergency Evacuation Support
Emergency Response Management
Emergency Routing
Incident Command
Service Patrol Management
Emergency VehicleOn-board EV En Route Support
On-board EV Incident Management Communication
Emissions ManagementEmissions Data Management
Information Service ProviderBasic Information Broadcast
Infrastructure Provided Dynamic Ridesharing
Infrastructure Provided Trip Planning
Interactive Infrastructure Information
ISP Emergency Traveler Information
ISP Traveler Data Collection
Maintenance and Construction ManagementMCM Incident Management
MCM Infrastructure Monitoring
MCM Maintenance Decision Support
MCM Roadway Maintenance and Construction
Parking ManagementParking Coordination
Parking Data Collection
Parking Management
Personal Information AccessPersonal Basic Information Reception
Personal Interactive Information Reception
RoadwayRoadway Basic Surveillance
Roadway Emissions Monitoring
Roadway Environmental Monitoring
Roadway Equipment Coordination
Roadway Incident Detection
Roadway Signal Controls
Roadway Signal Priority
Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination
Roadway Traffic Metering
Traffic ManagementCollect Traffic Surveillance
TMC Demand Management Coordination
TMC Evacuation Support
TMC HOV Lane Management
TMC Incident Detection
TMC Incident Dispatch Coordination/Communication
TMC Probe Information Collection
TMC Regional Traffic Management
TMC Signal Control
TMC Traffic Information Dissemination
TMC Traffic Metering
TMC Traffic Network Performance Evaluation
TMC Work Zone Traffic Management
Traffic Equipment Maintenance
Transit ManagementTransit Center Fare Management
Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations
Transit Center Information Services
Transit Center Paratransit Operations
Transit Center Vehicle Tracking
Transit Evacuation Support
Transit Garage Maintenance
Transit Vehicle Operator Assignment
Transit VehicleOn-board Maintenance
On-board Paratransit Operations
On-board Schedule Management
On-board Transit Fare Management
On-board Transit Signal Priority
On-board Transit Trip Monitoring
VehicleBasic Vehicle Reception
Interactive Vehicle Reception
Vehicle Mayday I/F