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Communities in Motion 2040

Vision (Scenario Planning)

To develop a plan for the future, we first need to know what we want that future to be. We know the population of the Treasure Valley will grow, but questions center around where and how the growth will occur and what its ramifications will be.

From September 2011 through October 2012, COMPASS, its member agencies, and hundreds of stakeholders undertook a process to develop a "preferred growth scenario" ― a realistic vision of what Treasure Valley residents want the valley to look like in the year 2040. This scenario – the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision – was approved by the COMPASS Board in October 2012 and will serve as the basis for Communities in Motion 2040.

The vision was developed by Treasure Valley residents, through a year-long, three-step process. Learn about that process by clicking here.

The Communities in Motion 2040 Vision is illustrated below in four ways, each of which build upon each other.