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Resource Development and Funding


COMPASS provides a variety of services to its members to assist in securing and managing federal transportation dollars and other funding to meet capital and maintenance needs, and to support regional goals outlined in Communities in Motion 2040, the regional long-range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon Counties. These services cover the spectrum from grant research and grant-writing assistance to support throughout project implementation once funding is received.

For assistance with any of the programs below, please complete a service request form or contact Toni Tisdale (475-2238) or Kathy Parker (475-2240).

Resource Development Plan (approved 2/27/2017)

  • The time and expertise required to research potential funding opportunities and write competitive grant applications can be a significant barrier to applying for needed funding. To overcome that barrier, COMPASS assists member agencies with grant research and writing to secure much-needed funding from a wide variety of sources – both public and private.
  • The COMPASS Application Guide provides guidance and a consolidated funding application process to assist member agencies in applying for federal and regional funding assistance.
  • Federally funded and regionally significant transportation projects are budgeted through the Regional Transportation Improvement Program, which is updated annually and amended as needed. COMPASS works closely with project sponsors throughout the life of a project to monitor the submittal of required documentation to safeguard against potential loss of funds due to missed deadlines.

COMPASS is developing a framework that will provide objective information to allow decision-makers to compare different projects on a level playing field. This process will be used in prioritizing projects for funding. With this process, projects that “score” higher regarding meeting performance targets will be prioritized higher for in funding applications.