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Transportation Improvement Program

FY2015-2019 Regional Transportation Improvement Program Public Involvement Plans
FY2014-2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program Forms

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a short-range (3-5 year) capital improvement program (budget) of transportation projects consistent with federal regulations and area policies and strategies. The TIP lists all projects for which federal funds are anticipated, along with non-federally funded projects that are regionally significant. The TIP represents the transportation improvement priorities of the region and is required by federal law. The list includes roadway and public transit projects. For more information contact: Toni Tisdale, 475-2238.

COMPASS produces a regional TIP for both the Northern Ada County and Nampa Urbanized Area and updates the document annually. The list of TIP projects must be endorsed by the COMPASS Board. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all projects in the TIP be derived from an approved long range transportation plan, meet air quality requirements and be financially constrained to the amount of funds that are expected to be available. The TIP shows the estimated costs and projected construction schedule of transportation projects. The TIP brochure describes in more detail how the TIP is developed. (English/Español)

The Idaho Transportation Department’s Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP) and Ada County Highway District’s Integrated Five-Year Work Plan provide information on additional transportation projects not included in the TIP.

FY2015-2019 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

Public Comment Now Open for FY2015-2019 TIP Amendment 

Comments are now being accepted on a proposed amendment to the FY2015-2019 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to add, delay, and remove projects, and to modify funding sources for these projects. Valley Regional Transit (VRT)/Ada County Highway District (ACHD) request to add a rideshare platform (software) project to increase ridership and routes; the City of Eagle seeks to delay construction of its Dry Creek pathway project to FY2016; the City of Boise requests to remove the Logger’s Creek pathway project from the FY2015-2019 TIP, with plans to use local funding to complete the project; and the City of Nampa requests to remove an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) project at Garrity/Idaho Center Boulevard, and reallocate the funding toward two safety projects (16th Avenue signal project and Greenhurst Road signal project).. Please comment in writing (via email or letter) no later than 11:59 pm, Monday, April 6, 2015, to Toni Tisdale, Principal Planner. For more information, view the amendment details here.

COMPASS, 700 NE 2nd Street, Suite 200, Meridian, ID  83642
Fax: 208/855-2559

FY2015-2019 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (4.4 KB) (3/27/15)

FY2014-2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

FY2014-2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (6.4 KB) (12/22/14)

Summary of All Amendments


Public Involvement Plans

Regional Transportation Improvement Program Public Involvement Plan


Transportation Improvement Program Amendment Policy (4/21/2014)

Transportation Service Coordination Plan for Ada and Canyon Counties (3D LMMN Plan)

Transportation Services Coordination Plans are developed to maximize existing public transportation services, increase the efficiency of those services, and secure additional funding for these services. Specifically, they fulfill a federal requirement to develop a plan to access applicable Federal Transit Administration funds.

Project Prioritization Process



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