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2015 Articles

We do our best to compile articles that appear in newspapers and magazines about transportation and growth issues in the Treasure Valley. The Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Press Tribune are the largest newspapers in the area and explore growth issues quite regularly.

2015 Articles

Idaho Press Tribune, December 22, 2015
Library Square project earns COMPASS award

Meridian Press, December 17, 2015
Improvements to Highway 20/26 to be funded by surplus
See: ITD General Fund Surplus Revenue Projects

Idaho Press Tribune, December 6, 2015
Tons of traffic

Idaho Statesman, November 23, 2015
Tunnel vision: Boise closing Greenbelt gap in West End

Idaho Business Review, November 20, 2015
Boise bike sharing catches on in first year

CQ News, November 19, 2015
Senate passes highway extension to Dec. 4

Idaho Press Tribune, November 15, 2015
Counting on kids

Kuna Melba News, November 4, 2015
Kuna hosts downtown revitalization open house

Valley Times, November 2, 2015
Mayor: VRT underserves seniors

Idaho Press Tribune, October 29, 2015
Crash numbers piling up on Northside Boulevard exits

Idaho Press Tribune, October 29, 2015
Nampa I-84 project not selected for TIGER grant

Idaho Business Review, October 23, 2015
Treasure Valley's linear layout makes rail transit a no-brainer

Idaho Statesman, October 22, 2015
Boise councilwoman new head of national group

Morning Consult, October 9, 2015
Where we stand: No clear path on spending, debt, highways, and more

KIVI Channel 6: Idaho On Your Side, August 19, 2015
COMPASS collects data for area trail improvement

Idaho Statesman, August 17, 2015
Bicycle and pedestrian counters to be installed in Ada and Canyon Counties

Idaho Press Tribune, August 19, 2015
COMPASS to install bicycle and pedestrian counters

Idaho Press Tribune, August 12, 2015
COMPASS seeking nominations for Community in Motion awards

Idaho Business Review, August 11, 2015
Report: Boise has some of the best roads in the West

Valley Times, August 10, 2015
Treasure Valley: On the Go! COMPASS Photo Contest

Idaho Statesman, July 30, 2015
Treasure Valley could be caught in ozone limbo

KTVB, July 29, 2015
Idaho leaders eyeing federal roads funding debate

Valley Times, July 27, 2015
OneRail, UP reps visit COMPASS in Meridian

Kuna Melba News, July 15, 2015
Downtown revitalization plan moves ahead

CQ News, July 21, 2015
Six-year highway deal would include three years of pay-fors

Idaho Press Tribune, July 21, 2015
I-84 rehab project moved up 2 years

Meridian Press, July 20, 2015
COMPASS seeks public comment on transportation projects

Idaho Press Tribune, July 16, 2015
Transportation: Now it's Congress' turn

Idaho Statesman, July 12, 2015
Guest Opinion: Congress needs to fight to secure transportation funding

Idaho Press Tribune, July 9, 2015
Nampa to begin first phase of pathway project

Idaho Statesman, July 3, 2015
Four Boise projects that will have a big impact on traffic

Idaho Press Tribune, July 2, 2015
Project aims to improve crossings near Lincoln Elementary

Idaho Press Tribune, June 30, 2015
Tolls, smarter cars may be options for combating congestion

Idaho Statesman, June 29, 2015
Fill your tank Tuesday to beat Wednesday's gas tax increase

Idaho Press Tribune, June 28, 2015
Future problems ahead for Treasure Valley transportation

Idaho Business Review, June 25, 2015
COMPASS grants will bring bike improvements to Boise State

Idaho Business Review, June 24, 2015
COMPASS grant helps Kuna spruce up downtown

Idaho Business Review, June 24, 2015
COMPASS hands out community improvement grants

CQ News, June 23, 2015
Senators unveil 6-year transportation bill

Idaho Press Tribune, June 23, 2015
COMPASS awards 10 Treasure Valley grants

Equipment World, June 22, 2015
Senate Finance Committee hears opposing views on gas tax, emphasis on long-term transportation funding

Idaho Press Tribune, June 19, 2015
Caldwell's population translates to more money

Idaho Business Review, June 19, 2015
Boise earns national bike-friendly recognition

Kuna Melba News, June 17, 2015
Kuna Receives Grant for Downtown Revitalization

Idaho Press Tribune, June 17, 2015
Canyon County cities receive 2015 transportation grants

Idaho Press Tribune, June 12, 2015
Stiff competition for grant sought for I-84

Meridian Press, June 12, 2015
86th Dairy Days introduces bike rodeo, fireworks

Idaho Press Tribune, June 4, 2015
Federal grant could widen I-84

Idaho Statesman, June 2, 2015
Guest Opinion: Treasure Valley needs to adopt mass transit attitude

KTVB, May 26, 2015
ITD Board uses new revenue to advance road, bridge projects

Associated Press, May 20, 2015
Oregon drivers may pay taxes by the mile

Valley Times, May 18, 2015
Boise GreenBike program looks ahead

Idaho Press Tribune, May 18, 2015
5-year plan for Caldwell paths connects downtown to Boise River

Idaho Press Tribune, May 14, 2015
Officials: I-84 doesn't need to be rebuilt

Idaho Statesman, May 11, 2015
Boise Bike Week celebrates two-wheeled transportation

Idaho Statesman, May 11, 2015
With only partial funding, rough road decisions ahead for Idaho

Idaho Press Tribune, May 10, 2015
Bill provides minor relief to roads woes

Meridian Press, May 1, 2015
Input sought for public involvement plan

Idaho Statesman, April 28, 2015
Boise bike lanes: ACHD eases back into the discussion

Idaho Statesman, April 27, 2015
Idaho roads about to get $94.5 million. What will that look like?

Idaho Statesman, April 18, 2015
Environmental groups urge EPA to force air pollution action in Treasure Valley

Idaho Press Tribune, April 18, 2015
COMPASS Board seeks comment on local transportation plans

Idaho Business Review, April 14, 2015
Bike sharing will start in Boise this month

Idaho Statesman, April 11, 2015
Idaho lawmakers approve session-ending transportation deal, adjourn for year

Idaho Press Tribune, April 11, 2015
Legislators reflect on 2015 session, last-minute transportation plan

Meridian Press, April 10, 2015
COMPASS receives national grant

Idaho Press Tribune, April 10, 2015
Idaho roads panel hits bumpy path

Idaho Press Tribune, April 10, 2015
City officials: Amity construction a necessary inconvenience

Idaho Statesman, April 9, 2015
Idaho conference committee recesses without agreement on road funding

Idaho Press Tribune, April 8, 2015
Amended Senate bill would raise $127M for roads

Idaho Business Review, April 7, 2015
COMPASS gets federal grant to improve freight truck planning

Meridian Press, April 3, 2015
Buses in Meridian: Challenges for the city's transportation future

KTVB, March 31, 2015
Creators of Boise green bike project hope for success

Idaho Press Tribune, March 31, 2015
City officials: Development could get more difficult with new law

Idaho Press Tribune, March 27, 2015
Public welcome to comment on transportation improvements

Idaho Press Tribune, March 26, 2015
Crossroads Museum set for students after several delays

Idaho Statesman, March 26, 2015
Idaho House GOP leaders back flat income tax, boosting gas tax 7 cents

Idaho Statesman, March 22, 2015
ITD director straightens out beleaguered agency

Idaho Statesman, March 20, 2015
Committee nixes complex transportaion funding plan; only one still standing

Idaho Statesman, March 20, 2015
Idaho House panel kills $135 million transportation plan

Idaho Press Tribune, March 19, 2015
Transportation bill advances to Idaho house floor

KIVI, March 18, 2015
Idaho House committee endorses $70-100 million roads bill

Idaho Press Tribune, March 17, 2015
Transportation funding bill to receive full hearing tomorrow

Valley Times, March 16, 2015
City of Eagle will apply for Plaza Drive extension, pedestrian bridge grants

Valley Times, March 16, 2015
Bills will not fix Idaho's highway woes

Idaho Press Tribune, March 15, 2015
Failure to address urgent transportation needs hurts Idaho businesses

Idaho Press Tribune, March 15, 2015
It's not easy to enjoy fresh air in Nampa

Idaho Press Tribune, March 15, 2015
Last-minute road bills inadequate

Idaho Statesman, March 13, 2015
Statesman editorial: Step up to funding plate, legislators

Idaho Statesman, March 12, 2015
Plan to allow driverless car testing clears Idaho Senate

Idaho Statesman, March 12, 2015
Legislative plan for Idaho roads targets vehicle fees, fuel

Idaho Business Review, March 10, 2015
Poll: Idahoans support local-option tax

The Arbiter, March 9, 2015
Boise transit takes back seat to Portland, Seattle systems

Idaho Press Tribune, March 8, 2015
Debate over ‘paying fair share’ of transportation continues to stall efforts in Legislature

Mass Transit, March 6, 2015
Better relationships mean better regional transit

Idaho Press Tribune, March 5, 2015
House, Senate leaders unsure about large transportation solution

Idaho Statesman, March 3, 2015
Road bills chip away at shortfall in lieu of broad plan

Idaho Press Tribune, March 3, 2015
Road bills chip away at shortfall in lieu of broad plan

Valley Times, March 2, 2015
COMPASS presents FHA's Frank Tooke on March 5 and 6 in Meridian

Idaho Press Tribune, March 3, 2015
Idaho House panel passes local tax transportation legislation

Idaho Press Tribune, March 2, 2015
Road improvements take chunk of Nampa's impact fees

Idaho Statesman, February 28, 2015
Finding money for roads, bridges is still a thorny issue for Idaho lawmakers

Idaho Press Tribune, February 22, 2015
Local agencies feel pressure from state and local transportation shortfalls

Idaho Statesman, February 18, 2015
Guest opinion: Funding for Treasure Valley road projects is a necessity

Valley Times, February 16, 2015
Roadway safety: worthy of investment

Idaho Business Review, February 17, 2015
A route to road money

Idaho Statesman, February 17, 2015
Road, tax plans hit front burners in Idaho legislature

Idaho Press Tribune, February 17, 2015
Idaho lawmakers eye sales tax increase, flat tax on income

Idaho Press Tribune, February 17, 2015
Transportation funding bill sweeping

KTVB, February 16, 2015
Idaho lawmakers considering sales tax increase

KTVB, February 16, 2015
Idaho panel introduces 8-cent gas tax hike to maintain roads

Idaho Statesman, February 15, 2015
Legislators consider boosting Idaho sales tax to 7 cents, flattening income taxes

Idaho Press Tribune, February 11, 2015
Legislation would allow local funding option for roadwork

Idaho Press Tribune, February 8, 2015
We can't continue to put off urgent transportation needs

Valley Times, February 2, 2015
COMPASS education series presents: Better Transportation for better Communities

Idaho Statesman, February 1, 2015
Idaho lawmakers eye general fund for road money

Idaho Business Review, January 23, 2015
Chamber lobbyist is now working on local option tax

Idaho Press Tribune, January 25, 2015
Idaho's aging bridges are key part of transportation funding discussion

Idaho Statesman, January 15, 2015
Idaho Transportation Department preps pitch to Legislature for more funding

Idaho Press Tribune, January 18, 2015
COMPASS study maps agricultural freight, finds heavy loads on major Canyon County roads

Idaho Press Tribune, January 13, 2015
Otter proposes 2009 education funding levels - and then some

Idaho Statesman, January 13, 2015
Otter budget outlines plans for taxes, salaries, highways

Idaho Statesman, January 11, 2015
Guest opinion: Funding system for Idaho road maintenance needs updated

Idaho Statesman, January 11, 2015
Road fund increase "very likely," backer says

Idaho Press Tribune, January 11, 2015
Raising gas tax, registration fees, more ideas tossed around to address transportation funding

Idaho Press Tribune, January 9, 2015
Otter: Deferred maintenance on roads is deficit spending

Idaho Press Tribune, January 8, 2015
I-84 between Caldwell, Nampa must be widened

Idaho Press Tribune, January 7, 2015
Our transportation system needs to be redesigned

Idaho Business Review, January 6, 2015
COMPASS leadership in motion awards ceremony


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