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2021 COMPASS Education Series

COMPASS Education Series events are free and open to the public. Join us as we hear from national experts on transportation and related topics throughout the year. For more information, contact Amy Luft at

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High-Capacity Transit in the Treasure Valley… What Would it Take?

Description: Could a high-capacity transit system parallel to I-84 “work” in the Treasure Valley? Where exactly would it go? What would it look like? How much would it cost? What is “high-capacity transit” anyway?

In 2009, COMPASS conducted a study to explore questions such as these, to help understand if and how high-capacity transit, from Caldwell to Boise south of the Boise River, could serve the region’s rapidly growing population. While a service such as this is still 20 or more years away, the time to plan for it is now. To that end, in 2020, COMPASS commissioned AECOM to update the study, focusing on how different types of transit (light rail, commuter rail, or bus rapid transit) and different routes could meet regional goals. Join AECOM Vice President Bob Post as he shares study results, recommendations, and next steps, and answers your questions about future high-capacity transit in the Treasure Valley.

Speaker: Bob Post, Vice President of AECOM, has over 50 years of experience in the transportation industry, including working for the Oregon Department of Transportation and TriMet, Portland’s transit operator. With AECOM, Bob has served as a leader in the firm’s transit practice, leading a wide range of transit planning and design projects throughout North America and Australia. Bob has led the study and implementation of a full range of transit mode alternatives including bus, bus rapid transit (BRT), light rail, streetcar, and commuter rail projects.