Parking Park and Ride Operations Functional Area


'Parking Park and Ride Operations' manages parking lots specifically to support park and ride operations, providing additional coordination with transit operations on parking arrivals and transit arrivals and departures, smoothing the transition between parking and riding for park and ride customers.

Included In

Boise Parking Management
Boise Airport Parking Management

Functional Requirements

01The parking element shall provide parking arrival information for transit operations.
02The parking element shall receive the transit arrivals and departures from transit operations.
03The parking element shall provide general parking information to drivers including lot status, parking availability, and directions to available spaces, entrances, and exits.
04The parking element shall provide parking status to traveler information providers including current parking availability.
05The parking element shall accept requests for parking space information from transit systems.
06The parking facility shall provide park and ride space information to transit systems operating in the same area as the park and ride lots.