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FY2017 Annual Report Cover


From the Desk of the Director:

Greetings! In fact, I wish you 90.2 million greetings!

I can’t help but jump right in…by far our most exciting news of the year is the $90.2 million INFRA (Infrastructure for Rebuilding America) grant received by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to widen Interstate 84 in Canyon County – our #1 priority corridor. This is the largest transportation grant ever received by the State of Idaho.

The receipt of this grant also showcases the amazing talent of COMPASS staff, as grant writer Kathy Parker and modeler MaryAnn Waldinger wrote the grant application and provided the technical analysis for the grant, respectively.

The grant also highlights tremendous regional cooperation – not only did ITD and COMPASS work hand-in-hand to develop the grant application, but Canyon County and the City of Caldwell each provided financial backing for the project and more than 20 organizations provided letters of support, from cities to health care facilities to law enforcement agencies to chambers of commerce.

It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.

But, that’s certainly not the only noteworthy accomplishment of FY2018.

Another significant portion of COMPASS’ work in FY2018 focused on the update to the regional long-range transportation plan, Communities in Motion 2040 2.0. The culmination of these efforts is COMPASS’ first ever web-based long-range plan. The draft plan was released for public comment this fall, with a goal of adoption by the COMPASS Board of Directors in December 2018.

The updated plan retains 2040 as the horizon year and focuses on how the roadway, freight, public transportation, and bicycle/pedestrian components work in concert to deliver a complete transportation system for the Treasure Valley. While COMPASS has used data to guide its planning processes for many years, this plan was truly developed through the lens of Performance-Based Planning, including:

  • Using COMPASS’ new Performance Measure Framework tool to analyze the societal return on investment of potential projects on issues such as farmland preservation, open space, economic development, health, and more, as well as impacts to the transportation system itself, including bicycle/pedestrian users, freight, and public transportation.
  • Modeling the potential impacts of proposed unfunded transportation projects on roadways, and comparing the results of building the project – or not – on vehicle miles of travel, congested vehicle miles of travel, and vehicle hours of delay.
  • Compiling a wide range of data, from potential environmental impacts of a project to whether the route has been identified as a freight corridor, and more, to allow for additional qualitative comparison of projects.

In addition to analyzing anticipated impacts of projects to inform decisions, Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 includes updated performance measures to better track on-the-ground changes after projects are complete. The plan also includes new federally required performance targets in areas such as safety, reliability, and more.

Not only do we plan for a complete transportation system to allow for choices in how people get around, but our staff also takes advantage of those choices. For the 10th year in a row, COMPASS earned the “Platinum” Level Alternative Transportation Champion Award in the 2018 May in Motion competition. May in Motion is a month-long promotion to encourage the use of transportation alternatives. The platinum level is the highest level achievable in the competition and truly shows that our staff “walk the talk.”

Individually and collectively, our staff also continue to share our abundance with this valley we call “home.” Last fall, we held our 9th annual Thanksgiving food drive, benefiting the Meridian Food Bank. Our 17-person staff contributed $925 and 512 pounds of food to our less fortunate neighbors. In addition, our COMPASS “Rake Up Boise” team raked yards for those who could not do it themselves.

Finally, as we begin FY2019, we are fortunate to have four new faces in the COMPASS office:

  • Braden Cervetti – Assistant Planner
  • Brian Crowley – Assistant Planner
  • Daniel Hernandez – Assistant Planner
  • Hailey Townsend – Communication Assistant

We are excited to have them on board and look forward to the fresh perspectives and new ideas each brings to the organization.




FY2018 Annual Report (PDF)