People, Structure, and Committees

COMPASS is its member agencies. The achievements of COMPASS are the result of the combined efforts of its Board of Directors, committee and work group members, and COMPASS staff. Each plays a key role in implementing the vision and mission of the agency.

Board of Directors: The COMPASS Board is comprised representative of COMPASS member agencies – primarily local elected officials. The Board of Directors sets policy to guide the work of COMPASS and serves as a regional forum to make decisions about transportation and related issues.

COMPASS Committees and Workgroups: Committees and work groups work provide guidance and assistance on COMPASS plans and projects and provide recommendations to the COMPASS Board of Directors. Committees and work groups work closely with COMPASS staff and are comprised of COMPASS member agency staff and other technical experts, as appropriate.

COMPASS Staff: COMPASS staff implement the policies and direction set by the COMPASS Board and conduct the day-to-day operations of the agency.