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COMPASS Workgroups

COMPASS is a collaborative organization bringing together multiple jurisdictions to make joint decisions about regional transportation. Workgroup and committee meetings provide a forum to discuss transportation planning issues, recommend improvements to procedures and products, and prioritize regional transportation investments. Since participation is the essence of COMPASS workgroups and committees, members are encouraged to attend.

For more information on specific workgroups, including upcoming meeting dates and past meeting notes, please contact the staff members listed below.

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Workgroup Directory

Active Transportation Workgroup

The Active Transportation Workgroup will provide feedback into the development and implementation of the Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan. The plan includes stakeholder coordination, planning and analysis, data collection, and member agency decision support. The Active Transportation Workgroup will also provide guidance in the development of the bicycle/pedestrian component of the Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 (CIM 2040 2.0) plan.

Staff contact: Austin Miller, (208) 475-2239
FY2022 Workgroup Charter 

Demographic Advisory Workgroup

Demographic data are the most important inputs into the travel demand model, help establish member dues, and support local land use and transportation planning. The Demographic Advisory Workgroup provides expert guidance and feedback on COMPASS demographic and growth tracking projects.

Staff contact: MaryAnn Waldinger, (208) 475-2242
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Environmental Review Workgroup

The Environmental Review Workgroup will share data, consider environmental goals and community values early in the long-range planning process, and identify potential environmental mitigation strategies to help restore and maintain environmental functions affected by projects in the long-range transportation plan. The environmental review is aimed at creating a seamless decision-making process that minimizes duplication of effort, promotes environmental stewardship, and reduces delays in project implementation.

Staff contact: Liisa Itkonen, (208) 475-2241
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Freight Advisory Workgroup

The Freight Advisory Workgroup will advise and provide input on freight-related issues and needs, and help integrate freight into Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 (CIM 2040 2.0). The workgroup will facilitate information sharing and coordination among organizations, and advocate for freight considerations in transportation project prioritization and implementation. 

Staff contact: Dane Hoskins, (208) 475-2240
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Public Participation Workgroup

The Public Participation Workgroup will assist and advise COMPASS staff on COMPASS public involvement and outreach activities.

Staff contact: Amy Luft, (208) 475-2229
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Public Participation Workgroup Membership Application (To fill out the form electronically, download the form and save it to your computer first, then complete using the saved form)

Public Transportation Workgroup

The Public Transportation Workgroup will develop and recommend components and phasing (timeline) of the public transportation system in the Treasure Valley. Work will focus on meeting regional public transportation needs in the two counties to improve mobility and access, and maximize transportation investments.

Staff contact: Lila Klopfenstein, (208) 475-2230
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Regional Geographic Advisory Workgroup

The Regional Geographic Advisory Workgroup will advise and assist with regional GIS issues and tasks such as orthophotography and the Regional Data Center.

Staff contact: Eric Adolfson, (208) 475-2245
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Regional Operations Workgroup

The Regional Operations Workgroup will focus on multimodal transportation system efficiency, reliability, safety, and ease of use as it relates to the regional planning process, including planning for operations through a coordinated approach to multimodal system operations, ITS data management, and maintenance of related planning documents.

Staff contact: Mary Ann Waldinger, (208) 475-2242
FY2022 Workgroup Charter

Rural Prioritization Process Workgroup

The Rural Prioritization Process Workgroup will develop a recommended priority list for rural programs managed by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC). Work will focus on determining the most beneficial rural projects in Ada and Canyon Counties to maximize rural transportation funding and bring more funding into the region.

Staff contact: Toni Tisdale, (208) 475-2238
FY2022 Workgroup Charter