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Communities in Motion Implementation Grants - Archive

FY2018 Projects

  • City of Parma, Grove Avenue New Sidewalk and Repair
    • Complete an ADA compliant sidewalk.
  • City of Kuna, Downtown Parking Lot Project
    • Research innovative designs, such as lighting options, electric car charging, impervious asphalt, and more, to renovate a deteriorated parking lot in downtown Kuna.

FY2017 Projects

  • City of Kuna, Greenbelt Paving Behind Indian Creek School
    • Convert a non-ADA accessible dirt foot path into a paved pathway from the Boise River Greenbelt to 4th Street to minimize congestion, increase walkability, and better the parks system and provide a safe public route to the school and downtown.
  • Valley Regional Transit, Boise GreenBike System Enhancements
    • Purchase GreenBike bicycles to accommodate the growing number of riders and members using the system throughout downtown Boise and Boise State University.
  • City of Garden City, Pathway Design/Wayfinding Signs
    • Develop and install wayfinding signage and pavement guidance as a solution for pedestrian and bike connectivity to increase the safety and comfort of biking and walking between businesses and other nearby locations.

FY2016 Projects

  • Ada County, Boise River Greenbelt Bollards and Striping
    • Provide consistent bollards and signage where county sections of the Boise River Greenbelt intersect public roads and add lane striping on the greenbelt, particularly near Warm Springs Golf Course, Barber Park, and Barber Valley.
  • Boise State University, Bike Pumps and Fix-it Station
    • Purchase and install surface mount bike pumps across campus to provide a larger coverage area for community members to refill their bike tires with air and purchase and install a “fix-it” station to allow riders to make minor repairs.
  • Boise State University, Contraflow Bike Lane, Cesar Chavez Boulevard
    • Create a specific path for bicycles to ride safely along the one-way portion of Cesar Chavez Drive on the BSU campus in the opposite direction of automobile traffic.
  • Boise State University, Covered Bike Parking
    • Purchase and install structures to shelter existing bike racks on the BSU campus from the elements to encourage more bicycle use.
  • City of Kuna, Downtown Economic Revitalization Plan
    • Procure consulting services to assist in prioritizing desired improvements as part of a downtown economic revitalization plan and to position the community for funding those improvements. The plan will help tie several efforts together, including the city’s comprehensive plan and downtown corridor plan.

FY2015 Projects

  • City of Eagle, Plaza Street Extension Design Project
    • Design landscape, lighting, and irrigation for a multi-use pathway and greenspace connecting Plaza Street between 2nd Street and Iron Eagle Drive.
  • City of Nampa, Library Block Bike Corral
    • Purchase a bike corral and racks to be installed on the newly opened Nampa Library Block.
  • City of Parma, Grove Avenue Sidewalk Repair
    • Repair a sidewalk between 6th and 7th Streets on the North side of Grove Avenue (US 20/26/95) to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, including removing two large trees that have buckled the concrete and replacing 45 feet of sidewalk.
  • City of Wilder, 3rd Street Improvements
    • Reconstruct curb, gutter, sidewalks, storm drainage catch basin, and piping, and repair pavement adjacent to sidewalks on 3rd Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. This augments a Gem Grant the city received from the State of Idaho.

FY2014 Projects

  • City of Kuna: Indian Creek Greenbelt Extension
    • Construction of trail from Swan Falls Road to Orchard Avenue (1/4 mile)
  • City of Middleton: Sidewalk/Trail Connection to Heights Elementary and Hawthorne Park
    • Design of 5-foot concrete sidewalk on south side of Concord Street and 6-foot asphalt trail on west side of Willow Drive
  • City of Wilder: Downtown Streets Chip Seal/Pavement Management
    • Maintenance of several blocks of downtown streets (Avenues A, B, C, and D)