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Communities in Motion 2040

Scenario Planning Process

To develop a plan for the future, we first need to know what we want that future to be. We know the population of the Treasure Valley will grow, but questions center around where and how the growth will occur and what its ramifications will be.

From September 2011 through October 2012, COMPASS, its member agencies, and hundreds of stakeholders undertook a process to develop a "preferred growth scenario" ― a realistic vision of what Treasure Valley residents want the valley to look like in the year 2040. This scenario – the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision – was approved by the COMPASS Board in October 2012 and will serve as the basis for Communities in Motion 2040.

The information below describes the process to develop the vision. To learn more about the approved Communities in Motion 2040 Vision, click here.

The Communities in Motion 2040 Vision was developed by Treasure Valley residents, through a three-step process, as described below. Steps 1 and 2 included extensive public involvement and input. Click here to view the public involvement plan for this scenario planning process.

Step 1. Facilitated workshops (February 29, March 1, and March 2, 2012). These three identical workshops engaged community leaders, elected officials, and stakeholders in a day-long process where they examined regional issues and developed potential visions for growth in the Treasure Valley between now and 2040. Participants were divided into groups; each group developed its own potential “future growth scenario.”

Step 2. Public participation and comment (May 7 through June 17, 2012 ). The many different potential visions (growth scenarios) developed in Step 1 were synthesized into four scenarios that reflected the common themes that emerged from the workshops.

These four potential growth scenarios were presented for broad review and comment by the public from May 7 – June 17, 2012. Residents were invited to weigh in on which scenario best represents their vision for the future of the valley and why. The results from that process were used to help develop a preferred scenario (see Step 3).

Step 3. Development of a preferred scenario (Summer 2012). The four draft scenarios were considered in light of public and agency comments . Based on comments received, a new, draft scenario was developed based on the “Active Corridors” and “Outdoor Playground” potential scenarios (the scenarios that were ranked highest by the public), then tailored to conform to local comprehensive plans .

Technical workshops were held on July 12 and 13 to examine and resolve discrepancies to refine the draft scenario; COMPASS continued to work with local jurisdictions throughout the summer to further refine the preferred scenario. The COMPASS Board approved the scenario – the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision – in October 2012.