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Demographics Forecasts: Population, Housing and Employment

A demographic forecast is a reasonable estimate of the number and general location of houses, people, and jobs in the future. COMPASS develops demographic forecasts for Ada and Canyon Counties in consultation with the COMPASS Demographic Advisory Workgroup. These forecasts are a primary data source used in the COMPASS Travel Demand Model to analyze future travel demand and transportation deficiencies.

The Communities in Motion 2040 Vision forecast looks to the year 2040 and was prepared for use in the Communities in Motion 2040 regional long-range transportation plan. The forecasts are prepared in five-year increments and are based on an overall forecast of 1,022,000 people and 463,000 jobs by the year 2040. Click here to learn more about the process used to develop the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision.

The files below show the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision forecast data and maps.

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