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Communities in Motion Environmental Maps

To ensure a comprehensive approach to addressing environmental and resource issues in long-range transportation planning, federal transportation laws require that MPOs consult with federal and state resource agencies during development of their plans to identify potential environmental mitigation activities to help restore and maintain environmental functions affected by the plan.

Linking transportation planning and environment more closely together allows agencies in the region to consider environmental, community, and economic goals early in the planning stage, and to carry them through project development, design, and construction. A seamless decision-making process minimizes duplication of effort, promotes environmental stewardship, and reduces delays in project implementation.

Below are maps of environmental features that have been and are being considered in developing Communities in Motion, the long-range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon Counties.

Mapped Environmental Information: Communities in Motion 2035

Mapped Environmental Information: Communities in Motion 2040

Mapped Environmental Information: Communities in Motion 2040 2.0

Environmental Issues