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Mapping and Geographic Information Systems - GIS Data

2000 Digital Orthophotography

The Community Planning Association coordinated a multi-agency orthophotography project for Ada County in May 2000. Digital contours and associated planimetric data are available in dxf format. The product is sold in square mile sections.

The project is divided into urban and rural areas.

Urban resolution (2’ contours) are $235 per section, while rural resolution (5’ contours) are $70 per section with price breaks available for multiple purchases. For further information contact the GIS Department at (208) 475-2245 or (208) 475-2246.

2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 digital Orthophotography

Free samples of the 2000 imagery are provided below. These photos are 1 meter color aerials derived from the orthophotography project. These files can be downloaded with a right click and "save as" procedure. These photos are simple pictures with no geographic referencing.

Older orthophotography can be purchased for $100 for urban resolution sections, $25 for rural resolution sections and the whole project area for $2500

2013 Digital Orthophotography

Updated 6 inch resolution imagery for Ada County and Caldwell is available. Cost per section is $400/section and the whole project area (859 sections) can be purchased for $10,000.

  • Click here for a map showing resolution coverage for the 2013 flight.