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Mapping and Geographic Information Systems - Orthophotography

COMPASS facilitates orthophotography flights over Ada and Canyon Counties approximately every three years. The resulting orthophotos and associated contour data are available for purchase.


2019 Digital Orthophotography

Three- and six-inch resolution imagery for Ada and Canyon Counties is available for $350 per section; each section includes the corresponding contour data. For the price of purchasing orthophotography for the entire project area, please enquire (see below).

Older Orthophotography (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000)

Archived orthophotography can be purchased for $100 for urban resolution sections, $25 for rural resolution sections, and $2,500 for the entire project area (project area varies by year of photography).


Contour Data

2019 Lidar

Access to 2019 contour data (derived from Lidar) is included in a purchase of 2019 orthophotography (see above). Lidar data, without orthophotos, are available for purchase for $220 per grid cell for either high or low resolution grid cells.

Please use our lookup tool at the following link to determine which Lidar grid cells apply to your project:

COMPASS 2019 Lidar Project Grid Lookup

Older Contour Data
Digital contour data created in 2000 are available in .dxf format for the Ada County foothill areas without 2019 Lidar data. The product is sold in square mile sections and is a combination of urban and rural areas. Urban resolution (2-foot contours) are $235 per section; rural resolution (5-foot contours) are $70 per section, with price breaks available for multiple purchases.


For further information on purchasing orthophotos or contour data, contact the COMPASS GIS department at 208/475-2245 or 208/475-2246.