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All Dressed Up and No Way to Get There Alternative Transportation Toolkit

Tools to Help Your Community Get Where it Needs to Go.

The ability to get to and from work, access needed services, and move about in one’s community is vital to quality of life. However, for many individuals this is difficult…especially those in rural communities who may live far from job centers, shopping, health care, and other services found in larger towns. This can be particularly problematic for those who do not have access to a personal vehicle.

The tools on this web page are designed to provide ideas and resources to help you help others in your community find ways to get where they need to go with or without access to a personal vehicle. They are designed for agencies in rural areas with limited funding and staff time.

What is here and how do I use it?
These materials are designed to function as a “toolkit.” The toolkit contains three types of tools:

  • A table listing transportation agencies and resources in southwest Idaho.
  • Background information and lists of ideas for facilitating and promoting carpooling, walking/biking, using community vehicles, and creating ordinances to promote land use that supports these.
  • Templates for many of the items. These are in both Word and PDF format and can be downloaded and personalized for your use, or can simply serve as initial ideas for creating your own materials. Feel free to cut and paste; mix and match; add, delete, and change these materials to suit your needs. On these templates, items in red type are for you to replace with your own information; items in blue bold type are notes for you. Delete all blue notes (including headers) and replace all red type before use.

The toolkit is also available on CD. If you would like to order a CD or have questions, please email Liisa Itkonen or call 208/855-2558 x 225.

These materials were designed via funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Toolkit Introduction

  • All Dressed up and No Way to Get There? (Toolkit Introduction) (pdf)
  • Southwest Idaho Alternative Transportation Resources Table (pdf)



  • Facilitating carpooling (pdf)




  • Facilitating walking and biking (pdf)
  • Promoting walking and biking (pdf)


Community Vehicles


  • Facilitating Sharing of Community Vehicles (pdf)
  • Promoting Use of Community Vehicles (pdf)


Ordinance (Accessory Dwelling Units)


  • Allowing the Use of Accessory Dwelling Units (pdf)


Entire Toolkit (pdf)