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Project Development

The Project Development Program was created to assist COMPASS member agencies in securing transportation funding. The Project Development Program transforms member agency needs into well-defined projects with cost estimates, purpose and need statements, environmental scans, and public involvement plans to ensure readiness for funding applications. Well-defined and scoped projects strengthen grant applications and, once funded, increase the probability of projects to be delivered on time and on budget.

COMPASS accepts Phase I funding applications any time throughout the year. For detailed information about the application process, visit the Resource Development and Funding page.

Several consulting firms with a wide range of expertise have been pre-screened by COMPASS to conduct project development work in partnership with COMPASS staff. As projects are selected for the program, they are matched with the consulting firm(s) with the appropriate expertise, based on the type of project and project needs. Projects entering the program one year will be ready to submit grant applications and compete for funds the following year. 

FY2022 Projects

  • City of Garden City, 52nd Street Pedestrian Bridge
  • City of Star, Safe Routes to School Floating Feather Road to Star Middle School
  • City of Eagle, Grade Separated Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossing of State Highway 44 Phase 2


FY2021 Projects

  • City of Garden City, Chinden South Side Sidewalk, Maple Grove to Glenwood
  • City of Greenleaf, Friends Road Improvements
  • City of Notus, NS Street Rebuilds with Stormwater Improvements, Phase II


FY2020 Projects

  • City of Notus, Street Rebuilds with Stormwater Improvements: Notus Road, plus 1st and 2nd as funds permit
  • City of Nampa, Indian Creek Pathway, 16th Avenue to Shortline Drive
  • Boise State University, Greenbelt Estimate Project, Theater Lane to Broadway
  • City of Boise, Pedestrian Improvements, Broadway to Federal Way


FY2019 Projects

  • Ada County, Plantation Island Bridge/Path Replacement
  • City of Eagle, Grade Separated Bicycle/Pedestrian Crossing of SH-44 between Palmetto Avenue Extension and Eagle Road 

Past Project Development Program projects can be found on the archive page.

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