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Regional Long-Range Transportation Plans


Communities in Motion 2040: (July 2014)

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Communities in Motion 2040 Summary (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Learn more about Communities in Motion 2040.


Communities in Motion 2035: (September 2010)

Communities in Motion: Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan 2030 (August 2006)

Ada County: Destination 2030

Destination 2030 Limited Plan Update: Long-Range Transportation Plan 12/20/2004 (4.73MB)

Ada County: Destination 2025

Destination 2025 Long-Range Transportation Plan for Ada County 7/15/2002 (8.85MB)

Canyon County: Moving People 2025

Moving People 2025: Long-Range Transportation Plan for Canyon County 2/24/2003 (1.8 MB)

Northern Ada County: Destination 2015

Destination 2015: Regional Transportation Plan for Northern Ada County 2/26/1996 (71 MB)

Northern Ada County: 2010 Regional Transportation Plan

2010 Regional Transportation Plan for Northern Ada County 6/15/1992 (30 MB)

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