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Communities in Motion Implementation Grants

In November 2013 the COMPASS Board of Directors voted to institute a grant program to support COMPASS member agencies in implementing Communities in Motion, the regional long-range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon Counties. The grant program provides direct support for locally important projects that also help reinforce the regional goals established in Communities in Motion. The grant program specifically addresses three tasks identified to help achieve Communities in Motion goals:

1. Provide better access to public transportation, bike, and pedestrian facilities to offset congestion.

2. Invest in town centers, main streets, and existing infrastructure as identified in Communities in Motion.

3. Develop specific area plans for activity centers consistent with Communities in Motion and with planned integration of alternative transportation systems.

CIM Implementation Grant Application Process

Any COMPASS general or special member agency may apply for a grant under this program. Other agencies may participate on a project, but are not eligible as lead applicants.

Many types of projects are eligible, including plans, regulatory tools, economic/market analyses, concepts/designs, and construction. A grant may fund a stand-alone project, or a phase or component of a larger project that meets the goals of the program.

Applicants must supply a match of at least 7.34% of the project cost. In-kind contributions of labor/staff time may be included in the match.

For detailed information about the application process, visit the Resource Development and Funding page. For assistance in applying for a Communities in Motion Implementation Grant, contact Destinie Hart at 208/475-2240.

FY2021 Projects
Two projects will be in progress during the FY2021 Communities in Motion Implementation Grant year.

  • City of Wilder, B Avenue Sidewalks Project #1

  • City of Eagle, Connecting the Greenbelt to Eagle Island State Park


FY2020 Projects
Five projects will be in progress during the FY2020 Communities in Motion Implementation Grant year.

  • City of Eagle, Bicycle/Pedestrian Crossing Plan for ½ Continuous Flow Intersection at SH-44 and SH-55 Intersection
    • Develop public education information on how to safely cross this unique intersection
  • City of Kuna, 4th Street Planning
    • Planning for revitalization of 4th Street in downtown Kuna
  • City of Kuna, Parkhouse Greenbelt Pathway
    • Construct asphalt pathway along Indian Creek to extend the existing greenbelt to a new development
  • City of Wilder, D Avenue Paving, 5th Street to 6th Street
    • Install pavement on the direct route between the Middle School and High School
  • City of Wilder, Guard Rail along Deep Canals Near Schools, Phase II
    • Install remainder of guard rails in City of Wilder after only partial funding previous year.
  • City of Melba, Wayfinding Sign
    • Provide an information kiosk in Centennial Park near downtown Melba for those seeking the various scenic and historic sites in the surrounding area.


FY2019 Projects
Four projects were completed during the FY2019 Communities in Motion Implementation Grant year.

  • City of Garden City, Bike Work Stations
    • Provide two bicycle repair work stations along the greenbelt
  • City of Middleton, Sidewalk Connection Design – West 9th  Street to Heights Elementary School
    • Design sidewalk in preparation for future grant applications
  • City of Notus, Road Signs Within City Limits
    • Replace defective and missing road signs
  • City of Wilder, Guard Rail along Deep Canals Near Schools
    • Install guard rails within the City of Wilder along Huff Road and D Avenue


FY2018 Projects
Two projects were completed during the FY2018 Communities in Motion Implementation Grant year.

  • City of Parma, Grove Avenue New Sidewalk and Repair
    • Complete an ADA compliant sidewalk.
  • City of Kuna, Downtown Parking Lot Project
    • Research innovative designs, such as lighting options, electric car charging, impervious asphalt, and more, to renovate a deteriorated parking lot in downtown Kuna.


Learn More
For more information on the Communities in Motion Implementation Grant program, contact Destinie Hart (208/475-2240).

Information on Communities in Motion Implementation Grants for previous years can be found here.