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High Volume Intersection Study

The High Volume Intersection Study evaluated several innovative and emerging intersection designs from around the country, and focused on the possible application of these designs at ten locations in the Treasure Valley.

The High Volume Intersection Study began in 2007 in response to Communities in Motion, with the intent to:

  • Identify and evaluate emerging innovative designs for high volume intersections (Volume 1),

  • Evaluate up to ten intersections for possible applications of innovative intersection designs (Volume 2), and

  • Provide guidelines for local governments and transportation agencies to better implement high capacity intersection designs (Volumes 1, 3).

The study illustrates real and effective possibilities with optimal designs for the intersections, including continuous flow, bowtie, quadrant roadway, and median U-turn examples. A consultant team conducted the research and provided the intersection layouts, guidelines for neighboring land development, and basic criteria for selecting various intersection designs.

Volume I - Innovative Intersections: Overview and Implementation Guidelines (5.8MB)
Volume 2 - Intersection Concept Layout Report (8.6MB)
Volume 3 - Additional Materials (2.4MB)

To view a High Volume Intersection Study handout click here (1.8MB).

For More Information Contact:
Liisa Itkonen
(208) 475-2241