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Treasure Valley High Capacity Transit Study

The Treasure Valley High Capacity Transit Study began in 2007 in conjunction with Valley Regional Transit and other member agencies. The study focused on connections between three related planning projects: the downtown Boise Multimodal Center, the Downtown Boise circulator, and a regional, east-west high-capacity corridor. View the 2007 Treasure Valley High Capacity Transit Study Briefing Book here.

  • Main Street Station - Main Street Station in downtown Boise serves as a "hub" for various transportation services. The station provides multimodal connections and includes public transportation information, bicycle parking, a Boise Police Department substation, public art, restrooms, and retail space. Main Street Station is a subterraneous facility near the intersection of Main and 8th Streets. 
  • Downtown Boise Circulator - A circulator is a form of public transportation that connects primary destinations within and adjacent to a specific area. In 2017, the City of Boise conducted a study to evaluate potential routes, types of vehicles, and costs for a circulator in the downtown Boise area. Learn more.
  • Treasure Valley High Capacity Corridor - A high-capacity, fixed guideway transit service to connect Caldwell to Boise, and communities in between, has been identified as a future need for the valley.

To be prepared for high capacity transit corridor, a “preferred alternative” (the mode of transportation and route alignment) needs to be determined so that the right-of-way can be preserved for future improvements. Preservation is dependent on local government, transportation agencies, railroads, and owners of adjacent properties incorporating right-of-way needs in their future land development policies, long-range plans, and/or building approval processes.

Funding is not available at this time to complete the project development and NEPA analysis to satisfy the Federal Transit Administrative requirements for a fixed guideway project. However, several studies have been conducted to prepare for this step. These are linked below, in order of newest to oldest.

Rail Corridor Evaluation Study Volume 1 Study Report (April 2003)