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Treasure Valley Truck Freight Data Collection Project - 2008

In October 2008, COMPASS and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) coordinated the first truck freight data collection project for the Treasure Valley. The primary reason for this project was to collect data at the local level to begin to understand and recognize the importance of truck freight in Southwest Idaho.

The project consisted of three related data collection efforts:

• Commercial Vehicle Intercept Survey

  • The commercial vehicle intercept surveys provided information on commercial trips that fell into three primary categories: a) those trips coming into the study area, which originated outside the area; b) those trips that had originated at a base location in the study area, traveled to a location outside the study area and were returning to the base location within the study area; or c) those commercial trips that were simply passing through the study area, often referred to as external-external trips.

• External Station License Plate Survey

  • The external station survey was a data collection effort that provides specific information on the external-external vehicle trips. The external station survey focused on nine roadways that provide the main points of access and egress into and out of the Treasure Valley.

• Commercial Vehicle Survey

  • The commercial vehicle survey provided information on the trip making characteristics of commercial vehicles within or originating in the Treasure Valley. This data collection effort included recruiting businesses in the study area they have commercial vehicles that transport goods or make commercial related trips related to services.

View Commercial Vehicle Intercept Survey and Video External Station Survey final report.

View Commercial Vehicle Survey final report.

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