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Travel Demand Modeling



COMPASS uses Cube Voyager and TP+ from Citilabs.


COMPASS' Transportation Model Advisory Committee is made up of 18 voting members from the public and private sectors of the community and is charged with making policy decisions about model inputs and its appropriate uses.

Forecast Years

  • 2002 calibration year
  • Interim year based on the horizon year of the current transportation improvement program
  • Motor vehicle emission budget years
  • Horizon year for the long-range transportation plan

Model Capabilities (as of April 2005)

  • Average weekday 24 hour traffic forecasts
  • Average weekday peak hour ( 5pm to 6pm ) traffic forecasts
  • High occupancy vehicle (HOV) facility analyses
  • Vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
  • Vehicle hours of travel (VHT)
  • Vehicle hours of delay
  • Average network travel speeds
  • Travel time for specified corridors
  • Select link analyses